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For Government Partners

Let Koulomb help you achieve your EV infrastructure goals

Experienced Team Ready to Deploy

The Koulomb team has been installing EV charging stations

and other renewable technologies like solar for over 10 years

across the United States.


By 2030, nearly half of all new vehicle sales will be EVs and expanding our country’s EV infrastructure is a key initiative across all government agendas.  Partner with Koulomb for an EV charging solution and show your local EV drivers you want to deliver a high-tech solution.

Koulomb is investing time, resources, and capital in EV charging infrastructure alongside its partners in federal, state, and local government.


Designated Alternative Fuel Corridors

Koulomb focuses on relieving the unplanned Range Anxiety for EV drivers who are traveling long distances but do not have the battery life to reach their destination. Koulomb purchases land and partners with property owners along important travel corridors to ensure it can provide solutions to drivers where they need it most.


Publicly Accessible Locations

EV drivers don’t need to be on long-distance travel to experience Range Anxiety. Plans change, emergencies occur, and frankly, drivers can forget to charge. Koulomb partners with property owners in high traffic locations to place its chargers. In this scenario, Koulomb provides a turnkey charging solution to property owners where they can host chargers, earn revenue, and avoid the headaches of installing and maintaining the chargers. Charging stations are accessible by any EV drivers at any time of the day.


Universal Compatibility

Koulomb’s hardware is compatible with all EV manufacturers and models on the market today offering CCS and CHAdeMO connectors (enabling Tesla connection). Koulomb charging locations also comply with the American with Disabilities Act (“ADA”). Koulomb’s hardware has interoperability with market-standard software solutions.


Long-term Operation and Maintenance

Koulomb’s model of install + ownership of the chargers is key to avoiding stranded assets across the EV charging landscape. Providing a premium experience to EV drivers, and charging for it, ensures that the long-term goals of drivers, the network, and Koulomb are intrinsically-linked.


Partnership with local DOT, state, and highway authorities

With the passage of the Bipartisan Infrustructure Law (“BIL”), Koulomb plans to engage various DOTs and state and local government officials to best deploy its EV charging assets. We are excited that our governing bodies expect the help of private investment to help the US on this important journey.




Partner with Koulomb for an EV charging solution that shows your local EV drivers you want to deliver a high-tech experience.


Koulomb procures and installs all equipment necessary and will work with your local zoning, utility and permitting departments to achieve local compliance

Koulomb operates and maintains all equipment, with focus on 100% uptime and maintenance

Koulomb is 100% renewable energy offset

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